Burst your Bubble: a terrific first edition

Terrific edition of Burst your Bubble. Burst your Bubble kicked off on 21 September. Initiators Ineke Hurkmans and Ilse Wouters got to work helping locals and internationals build bridges. In a unique way, they are calling on them to step out of their bubble and meet each other. Why? Because this is a valuable exercise for those who feel lonely. And there are more and more people who feel that way, according to Ilse and Ineke.

A quick refresher: why is Burst your Bubble so important again?

“Burst your Bubble was born out of a request from the municipality of Eindhoven to develop a project that could respond to the topic of loneliness. We discovered that a large group of people in Eindhoven often feel lonely and we chose to focus on the connections between internationals and locals, which is often lacking. People representing over 153 nationalities now live in the Brainport region, with the number of internationals growing by around 500 every month. This has a huge effect on them as well as the residents of the city and the region. Burst your Bubble is designed to give people the opportunity to step out of their bubble and really connect with others. In a fresh, innovative and profound way.”

What was the experience with the first edition?

“We welcomed 120 people to the 1st and 2nd meetings. The experience was overwhelming. Contacts were made, people really connected with each other, and some incredible bridges were built. We got some wonderful feedback. From ‘mind-blowing’ to ‘I’ve really discovered that connecting starts with opening myself’.

What will the sequel look like?

“This first series has two more meetings. One where we reconnect through the Jump Movement conversation method. The last one is a training session that people can join for free to learn this method and who may want to join the next series. We plan three series a year in Eindhoven, which can be sponsored by companies in the region. The programme is also available as a customised service in companies that want to facilitate this for their own employees. Get in touch about the possibilities at info@burstyourbubble.nl.”

Read Burst your Bubble’s previous article here https://www.watt-magazine.nl/regio/burst-your-bubble-door-ilse-wouters-en-ineke-hurkmans

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