WATT Media is a reflection of the Brainport region. Bold. And relevant. No mincing of words. It looks entrepreneurs straight in the eye. Read their thoughts, dreams and fears. The full story. Enjoy the reality. To the max.


WATT is a media platform for curious entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial professionals. We see it as our mission to share entrepreneurial stories from Brainport to help inspire others. To bring them forward. To challenge them to do things differently. To create new success stories themselves.

WATT speaks every language. The language of technology and creativity, society and commerce,
and the language of boundless ambition. We stand for those who look beyond borders and stay ahead of current events. For all those who think about the people behind the brands. Because we want to know what drives them. So please don’t expect any glossy success stories, just honest ones. Straight to the point. Because only honest content tells the real story. Of every entrepreneur.

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WATT is published by 24 uur in bedrijf. 24 uur in bedrijf (24U) is an entrepreneurial platform that promotes success in business. We do that for, with and thanks to about 350 members throughout the Brainport region. We believe that entrepreneurs – in all their diversity – can enrich each other by sharing relevant information and insights.

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