We are Sisters in Business

WATT meets plenty of exceptional entrepreneurs who deserve a platform. This time we’re meeting Chelsea, Kyara and Aïcha van de Kimmenade. In short: We are Sisters in Business.

Chelsea, Kyara and Aicha are We are Sisters in Business. So tell us!
We are Chelsea, Kyara and Aïcha van de Kimmenade, three sisters that share a dream and a deep bond. As part of a family of four girls, we grew up in Someren-Eind, surrounded by our parents’ rose nursery. In that environment, we not only learnt the beauty of nature but also the art of entrepreneurship.

Our father, an entrepreneur, and our mother, a reiki master and writer, inspired us to not only dream, but to do. We consider ourselves intuitive entrepreneurs and this mindset is at the core of our event agency, We are Sisters in Business.

How did We are Sisters in Business come about?
We Are Sisters in Business was born out of our shared passion for creating and connecting. As children, we had grand dreams of the world and the opportunities that lay ahead. As we got older, we realised how important it is to hold on to that passion. We all followed our own paths.

Chelsea has more than 15 years experience in the event and music industry. She has performed all over the world, perfecting the art of organising and creating. Her love of music goes hand in hand with her passion for technology, design and branding, making her an essential part of our organisation.

Kyara, the artist of our trio, has always allowed her creative spirit to flourish, even before she started her studies at Artemis in Amsterdam. She comes up with unique concepts for events and has an eye for detail. Her love for travel and creativity has taken her all over the world, and she enjoys sharing these experiences with others.

Aïcha is a talented filmmaker and knows how to capture stories like no other. She has some impressive documentaries to her name, including a documentary on Madagascar she produced herself, a collaboration with WWF and a production with Stedman Graham (Oprah Winfrey’s husband), among others. Aïcha has the power to touch people. She is also the manager of our team of sisters and provides structure and planning.

After years of working individually as entrepreneurs, we discovered that we had a shared passion for connecting and creating. We decided to join forces and strive for happiness together.

How did you get into entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship was instilled in us from the very beginning. Our parents taught us entrepreneurship and hard work. They shared with us the mindset of intuitive entrepreneurship, and we still carry that philosophy with us today. We understand the importance of empathy in the event industry and for that reason are always committed to understanding and exceeding the needs of our clients and visitors.

What makes your events agency so special?
The thing that makes We Are Sisters in Business really special is our approach to events. We go well beyond organising parties. We strive to create meaningful experiences. We not only ask this important question of ourselves, but also of our customers: ‘Why do you do what you do?’ This question motivated us to encourage others to think more deeply about the meaning of their event. Instead of just throwing a fun party, we want to create valuable events and warm collaborations.

What is the strength of a company made up of three sisters?
Since all of our ideas emerge from our own vision, we are also the best at implementing them. Exactly as we see it in our heads. This natural synergy is our strength. We don’t need many words to understand each other. And we inspire each other to trust in our own strengths.

How is the cooperation going and how are the roles divided up?
Our cooperation is based on a clear division of roles that makes best use of our individual skills. Chelsea is responsible for creation, organisation, PR and communication, Kyara takes care of concepts and decor, while Aïcha takes care of visualising everything we do as well as team – or you could say sister – management. We respect each other’s expertise and complement each other.

What’s your biggest challenge?
One of our biggest challenges is that we are bursting with ideas. Sometimes we just want to do everything all at once because we’re so excited. But then we have to slow ourselves down and make smart choices on which ideas to go through with. It’s balancing our enthusiasm with the realistic idea of what we are able to achieve with our limited resources and time. So yes, our biggest challenge is actually not getting overenthusiastic, and learning to prioritise.

What breath of fresh air are you introducing in the Brainport region, and why is this so badly needed?
We want to be a breath of fresh air for the Brainport region through our events that not only promote business relationships, but also create personal connections, both between locals and expats. Our objective is to encourage personal moments and conversations where people can get to know each other better.

Besides organising a fun Christmas get-together and bonding moment for our first client in the region, Women@ASML, we are actively involved in creating our own events. This includes monthly creative meetings for women, where we come together to brainstorm and create. Here, our aim is to motivate women of all ages to turn their dreams into concrete actions. We also organise relaxing ‘nature walks’ in the Genneper Park. This event is intended to encourage people to start their day enjoying a peaceful morning walk in nature together.

We also provide special reading events for children and their parents. Here, we’re striving to involve new generations in our events so that we can inspire, motivate and give them the opportunity to learn from each other and grow together. We believe the future is in their hands.

What’s on the bucket list for We are Sisters in Business?
There has been one dream on our bucket list for some time now: creating an inspiring place, an experience centre, where people of all ages can find inspiration. We want to show how technology and nature come together to provide a unique experience, a bit like Walt Disney. Although it’s still a dream at the moment, we’re hopeful that one day we can make this beautiful place a reality in our region. Who knows what the future holds.

What is the most special event you’ve created?
The 2-day She Flore event for the Jessie Jazz Vuijk community. This was our first-ever event, which brought together 500 women. It inspired us not only to organise more events for women, but also to help build an inclusive community in Eindhoven. Our ambition is to put both business goals and personal dreams on the table for discussion and to inspire women of all ages, from different backgrounds and beliefs to pursue their dreams and go for it all the way.


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