Lucki Pijpers: ‘I want EXTRA-C to be the festival ice cream.’

WATT searches for unusual concepts and ideas that deserve a bigger stage. This time we’re meeting Lucki Pijpers of EXTRA-C.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Lucki Pijpers, the entrepreneur behind EXTRA-C. When I completed my studies as a product developer, I created a nourishing ice cream based on mango and passion fruit with added protein, magnesium and vitamin C. This product is focused on ecstasy users at festivals.

Ecstasy is known as the love drug. But taking the drug also has negative effects, such as dehydration, overheating and a lack of nutrients due to appetite suppression. The concept of EXTRA-C addresses these risks by motivating festival-goers to have a rest and cool down.

How are you going to help people?

I think this group of festival-goers is too big to ignore. Ecstasy is the most widely used party drug in the Netherlands. The major nightlife survey from the Trimbos Institute showed that almost 44% of people that go out between the ages of 16 and 35 have used ecstasy over the past year.

Ecstasy is a very popular drug now. With EXTRA-C, I want to reduce the risks and help people be more aware about how they spend their day out at festivals.

What is your mission?

I want EXTRA-C to be the festival ice cream. EXTRA-C takes a new approach to healthcare at festivals. The kind of care you didn’t know you needed, where you took a rest by chance because you were having such a good time at the EXTRA-C booth.

EXTRA-C has a social interest, as I believe the distance from festival-goers to first aid facilities is too far. With EXTRA-C, we offer a nourishing ice cream that helps replenish energy reserves combined with a booth that makes having a rest fun. This includes visuals for festival-goers to look at. Or soaking in a cooling foot bath while chatting with friends.

Who or what inspires you as an entrepreneur?

That’s chef, presenter and author Anthony Bourdain. He had a will and drive of his own and never let that go once he achieved commercial success. He was rebellious while always staying authentic. He liked to push the boundaries with a healthy dose of curiosity.

What key lessons have you learnt as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is a series of ups and downs. Sometimes I beat myself up for not just going to work for someone else. Entrepreneurship isn’t exactly the easiest path, but it is absolutely the most adventurous. And that’s exactly why I went into business on my own!

What would you like to say to start-up entrepreneurs?

It may be a cliché, but surround yourself with people who believe in you. Because being a start-up entrepreneur is not always easy. You need the people around you to give you that extra push of motivation.

What’s on your bucket list in terms of EXTRA-C?

Awakenings Defqon! If we end up there with EXTRA-C, I would be over the moon.

Where will EXTRA-C be in five years’ time?

EXTRA-C will be known as the festival ice cream. You will be able to find us at festivals where the organisers want to offer visitors that extra something. I will hopefully be able to put all my time into EXTRA-C by that time.

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