Franka van der Linden on Frankie’s favourites

Brainport is more than just high-tech and innovative internationals. We also find the region’s happiness among small entrepreneurs. Like Franka van der Linden, owner of Frankie’s favorites, pre-loved fashion store.

Text: Mariska Pinxt
Image: Charlotte Grips


When I was a little girl, I used to make those horrendous harem pants and clothes from bed sheets.

My love of fashion has always been there. But I do believe we already have more than enough on this earth, and that we should use that up first before buying something new. My house looks like one of those class vintage shops, and cast-offs do not go into the bin. There’s always someone who is worse off. I believe it’s important to be grateful for what you have

I ended up in the fashion business by chance. After studying tourism, I worked behind reception at van der Valk. A lady who had a job interview there didn’t turn up. The man who was waiting for her at the desk in vain asked me if I fancied the job. I was 19 and would be in charge of the conference centre at Eindhoven Airport. After that time in the fashion industry, I set off to Lisbon to start a B&B there. That didn’t work out unfortunately, and I came back to Eindhoven.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I went to Amsterdam to buy second-hand clothing. You couldn’t get any in Eindhoven at the time. And that’s how I got the idea to start up on my own. I had a children’s clothing shop for 15 years, called Soul2SoulKidz. Then the time came to transition over to pre-loved ladies clothing. I worked at a friend’s shop two days a week. I’d hear so many women say “My wardrobe is so full”, and would think to myself: I want the contents of your wardrobe!

And that’s exactly what I’m selling now at FRANKIE’S favorites. I go home happy if I’ve been able to help someone change their perception of themselves. You shouldn’t have to wait ten years to look back on a present-day photo and be happy with your appearance.

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