Dwight and Kim from ‘het Verzet’ bike repair shop in Eindhoven

Brainport is more than just high-tech and innovative internationals. We also find the region’s happiness among small entrepreneurs. For example with Dwight and Kim from ‘het Verzet’ bike repair shop in Eindhoven.

Text: Rachel Sloven 
Image: Charlotte Grips

The bike doctor

Living in Amsterdam and working in the catering industry, I had seen just about everything on the job market. I found a racing bike and started fixing it up as a hobby in my mother’s garden. My friends were impressed by that bike and wanted one, too. In those days, bicycles were not necessarily hip.

Even as a child, I thought taking things apart was very interesting. I wanted to know everything. People called me Professor Barnabas, because I always asked ‘But why?’ I was looking for answers, and was not satisfied with less.

Technology and services have always attracted me. I once saw a film where they said that even in times of war, people with a craft were always needed. The entire country of the Netherlands cycles, I like to provide a service and put things together. Everything fell together at that moment.

‘Het Verzet’ was initially an internship, but unfortunately I couldn’t stay on. The Ambachtshuis gave me the opportunity to start my own business with a business partner. There, we refurbished vintage bicycles that we could then sell on.

I enjoy performing under pressure the most. I need that dynamic to deliver. I outgrew the place we were at and then ‘Het Verzet’ asked us to take over their business. Wow! The place where it all started for me. The circle was complete.

My partner decided not to join me. Two years ago, Kim took over the other half of the shares. We work together, each with a clear role. I am the Chief Mechanic and Kim does everything else. Het Verzet is a social place in Woensel-West neighborhood. People also drop in without their bikes. Just for a cup of coffee or a chat.

We definitely stand out; other bike shops sometimes send customers the message ‘if the Het Verzet can’t fix it, it has to be replaced’. The doctor in me wants to do all he can to repair something. I only replace parts if they really can’t be fixed.

My slogan is: The bicycle doctor will fix it and nothing is ever really broken!

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