Verdikkeme!, food for the brain about being underweight

Suppose you are struggling with being underweight. Then chances are your search for a solution will only reach a dead end. Because being underweight receives very little attention in our society. Hardly anyone ever talks about it. And no platform like a patients’ association exists. That’s a negative thing, according to Kris de Prins. Because over 400,000 Dutch people are suffering. And it’s at least as dangerous to your health as obesity is, a condition that does get all the attention. All the more reason for Kris to publish the 100% edible book Verdikkeme!, a unique work. This will help give underweight people the attention their health deserves.

Crowdfunding for Verdikkeme!
Verdikkeme! is a book of stories experienced by people where every ounce counts. The book describes what it means to be underweight, the affects it has on the body and what you can do to turn the tide. In the process, Verdikkeme! is helping to spark the dialogue about being underweight. And when you finish it, you can eat the book. Indeed, Verdikkeme! is the first edible book. Food for the brain about an urgent health problem.

To make the production of Verdikkeme! possible, Kris needs your help. The book is a costly production in terms of the materials and people needed. Through crowdfunding, Kris hopes to raise €10,000 to cover part of the cost of the first print run. Kris: “As the author of the book, and especially as an expert through experience, I believe that being underweight is not an active topic in our society. Yet over 2% of us are affected, for a variety of reasons. People quickly think of eating disorders, but there are many more underlying causes. Loneliness, for example, which makes a person take less good care of themselves. Another cause is a problem with metabolism or a body that has to work hard to recover from burns. The underlying reasons vary widely, but that doesn’t make the problem any less urgent.”

“I myself struggled with being underweight years ago because of a chronic intestinal problem. My solution was in surgery to remove a bad piece of my bowel. After that, I slowly found my way up by starting to eat again, little by little. I also needed to exercise to build up more muscle. In the meantime, I was driving myself crazy and was focused on the numbers on my scale every day. The whole process took years and I could never have achieved that on my own.”

“Focused advice and support helped me come out on top. And that’s what I hope for anyone struggling with being underweight. Whatever the reason may be. It starts with making it a topic of discussion. Eventually, I hope this will lead to some kind of patient association that people can turn to. For example, for much-needed advice or for contact with peers. Because the group that suffers is smaller than the number of overweight people, but the problem is at least as big.”

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