The ideal time to send your newsletter

A common question among marketers: when is the best time to send my newsletter? In this blog, I dive into the world of open and click rates, send-out days and times for both the B2B and B2C sectors.

The importance of testing

While every marketer has their own opinion on what the perfect time to send is, it is essential to test what works best for your specific emails. For those who do not have time to do extensive testing, this blog provides an overview of the national averages in the Netherlands for open and click rates, send-out days and times for the B2B and B2C sectors.

Send-out days

According to the E-Village Email Benchmark, Friday continues to be a top day for sending emails, especially when it comes to consumer emails. For business emails, however, Thursday and even Tuesday are better in terms of performance. Choosing less popular days such as Monday for business emails and Wednesday for consumer emails, could mean less competition.

Open rate

Interestingly, the open rate peaks on Saturdays, despite fewer emails on this day. B2B emails have additional peaks on Sunday and Monday, while B2B emails perform best on Wednesday. It seems that on low volume days in particular, emails tend to get more attention.

Click-through rate

The click-through rate shows a similar pattern, with a notable increase for weekend business emails. This suggests that recipients are more likely to take action after opening an email at the weekend.

Send-out time

The best time to send out newsletters is between 8am and 1pm, with a new peak at 5pm. Although emails are mainly sent during these hours, the open rate is stable between 10am and 9pm. Small peaks are seen around 10-12am and 5-9pm, with the highest number at 7pm.

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