5 tips for optimising your mobile-friendly website or webshop

The number of searches made through mobile phones on Google is rising every day. A mobile-friendly website or webshop is a must nowadays. In fact, since 2015, more searches have been performed on smartphones than on desktops. Is your website mobile-ready yet? Here are five handy tips.

Responsive design

Given the growing number of online purchases made via smartphones, it is essential for your website to be mobile responsive. That means that your website adapts to the size of the mobile device.


On a desktop, you have more space for text, buttons and images. But space is more limited on a smartphone or tablet. In this case, place the menu at the top as a ‘hamburger menu’, which saves space and displays all the categories well. Also allow the menu to scroll for convenience.

Fonts and headings

To optimise readability, using a font size of at least 14 points is recommended. Place headings above paragraphs for clarity and use ‘Read more’ icons for longer texts.

Avoid distractions

Keep the design straightforward and avoid large pop-ups that irritate visitors. Consistency in the layout and structure of pages creates a sense of familiarity and reduces the ‘bounce’ rate.

Mobile-friendly website speed

Google uses mobile speed as an important factor when ranking your website. Compress or resize images to improve the loading speed. Use separate, smaller banner images for mobile devices and larger ones for desktops.

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