Quintijn Lohman on Cantine Theatre

Brainport is more than just high-tech and innovative internationals. We also find the region’s happiness among small entrepreneurs. Like Quintijn Lohman, creator, artist and volunteer at the Cantine Theater in Budel-Dorplein

Text: Mariska Pinxt
Image: Charlotte Grips

Emotion over fame

My 80-year-old neighbour told me about the old, derelict Cantine theatre. She’d heard that I had performed with various famous artists and wondered if I could do anything to help the theatre. I went to check it out and met a couple of volunteers. Due to COVID, there wasn’t much work around for them, so they had time to inject new life into the theatre. To me, they are true heroes. They’ve thought of every last detail to revive the theatre. The red paint on the walls emulates the theatre experience of way back when. I now work as a volunteer and am in charge of the programming. And when I can, I also perform with my band, Tigre Blanco.

As a child, I would perform for my parents. Wearing my mother’s clothes and holding a tennis racket for a guitar. A record from their collection – Once upon a time in the West by Ennio Morricone has been a central thread throughout my musical life. I started out playing rock music, but ultimately that wasn’t me. At one time I worked for Toon Hermans as a cable runner and stage builder. That gave me access backstage. But Toon made it clear that that was the artist’s territory – I had no business there. But that’s where I got bitten by the theatre bug.

My mother wanted to protect me when I was a child. And didn’t think much of my loud music. I had to fight to get to where I am today. I took the step forward into the limelight. She died five years ago, my mother. She got to see me shine with Tigre Blanco on the big stage, and witnessed my move over to theatre productions, such as Club Salvador. Mum passed away proud.

The Cantine theatre is now finished. I’d love to play there with my own band and invite the audience into my very own fairytale world.

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